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The Snap Wrap original is a monster of a bouldering pad measuring in at 150x120 x15cm and features a unique construction for outstanding performance.

The PU foam inside is separated into 24 individual cells, each measuring 30x25x12cm.  Each foam cell is enveloped in a taffeta wrap which is lightly pierced.  A small fall will cause the air to be driven out through these holes,but not so with a higher fall! In this case the air is retained by the Wrap because the speed of the impact is higher and the air has not sufficient time to be evacuated.  The net result is to have a firmer pad for a higher impact fall. Simple but so effective!

The Wrap has an new updated harness and waist strap for an improved comfortable carry and a reinforcement in 'ballistic' polyester (1680 deniers) goes all the way round the pad for added durability.

This pad is a one piece taco style mat which eliminates the possibility of falling on the hinge section of a folding pad and injuring an ankle.


  • Dimensions: Open 150x120x15cm, Closed 120x70x45cm
  • Weight: 12.5kg


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