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Torque Nuts

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Torque nuts can be used to protect parallel sided cracks. Their shape means they can be used in multiple orientations, giving you a wide range of placement options with every piece. Lightweight aluminium alloy construction means that despite their low weight, each Torque nut has 14kN strength rating.

Torque nuts work all conditions. They are especially useful in winter, when cracks are icy and so cannot be protected with cams. An extendable sling lets you reduce rope drag without extra quickdraws, and can be replaced with DMM's in-house re-slinging service.


                       Colour  Strength Weight  Range
Torque Nut 1    Green   14kN        54g      31 - 41mm
Torque Nut 2    Red      14kN        70g      36 - 49mm
Torque Nut 3    Gold     14kN        104g    44 - 59mm
Torque Nut 4    Blue     14kN        146g    54 - 71mm

DMM Torque Nuts from DMM Climbing on Vimeo.


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