• DMM Aero 12cm Quickdraw


DMM Aero 12cm Quickdraw

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DMM Aero 12cm Quickdraw

A fully featured quickdraw perfect for sport climbing featuring DMM’s superb Aero carabiners. 

Each carabiner is hot forged and shaped for easy manipulation with a key-lock nose design which prevents snagging while clipping and un-clipping. An Aero straight gate at the bolt end facilitates great handling and the bent gate version at the rope clipping end has a forged bent gate and deep basket with excellent clipping performance. The carabiners are strong and robust using solid gates and a strong spring tension which resists gate-flutter or movement during large falls.  A robust 16mm nylon sling connects the carabiners, this is wide enough to grab when working sports routes and is captive at the rope clipping carabiner to prevent cross loading.


Clean nose design prevents snagging
Large Gate opening
Strength - 24KN major axis/gate closed, 9kN gate open, 8kN minor axis
Weight – 110g

DMM Aero from DMM Climbing on Vimeo.


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