A unique range of fifty holds based on the theme of eroded sandstone. The holds are ideal for creating technical challenges at all levels with a comprehensive range of hold options.

Large Naturals
£93.50 (£77.92 + VAT)

Set of 10 large holds with gentle curves yet offering positive holds - especially suitable for steep and overhanging areas.

Medium Naturals
£60.00 (£50.00 + VAT)

Set of 15 medium sized holds - all offering quite positive holds in a range of hold types.

Small Naturals
£56.50 (£47.08 + VAT)

Set of 25 small holds - offering quite positive holds in a wide range of hold types.

Naturals Full Set
£205.50 (£171.25 + VAT)

Set of 50 small, medium & large holds.