Finger Boards

Rockworks training boards provide an ideal home training tool for developing all-round upper body and finger strength and are manufactured with ergonomic hold profiles and a very skin friendly surface texture.

Our fingerboards are provided with fixing instructions and a guide to training.

Rockworks Rail
£18.50 (£15.42 + VAT)

A simple yet effective training aid that emphasises finger contact strength. This unit can be used for standard training and also as a useful warm up device.

size 610 x 70 mm

Rockworks Reflex
£45.00 (£37.50 + VAT)

Top selling product! This classic board design incorporates a standard range of hold styles from jugs to finger pockets that can be used for static hangs, lock-offs and pull ups.

The small footprint can prove useful for restricted mounting above door ways etc. Size 640 x 160 mm