DMM Aero Quickdraw (12cm)

£12.60 (£10.50 + VAT)

A very high quality quickdraw that uses the hot-forged solid gate Aero carabiners that have a strong 9kN gate open strength for extra safety. The carabiners also feature keylock, shrouded noses to prevent them both from snagging on other equipment and also to protect the gate from being brushed open accidentally.

The carabiners have been carefully designed to direct any load towards the rope groove in the spine and this makes it a very safe carabiner that resists cross-loading and loading away from the gate very effectively.

The carabiners are a good size for all-round use and have a wide gate opening so that even clipping thick webbing is easy.

The Aero carabiners are burly and have been designed to withstand the abuse involved in sport climbing where sharp bolts can chew up carabiners quite quickly. The keylock nose also makes stripping steep sports routes much easier.

The bent gate biner clips beautifully and makes getting the rope into the carabiner very easy - even when pumped stupid.

The quickdraw comes on 16mm nylon tape which gives great wear resistance and is easy to hold when dogging routes.

A very good quickdraw and the perfect foundation for any rack, especially if you like sports climbing.

Weight  110g